I'm pleased to be able to offer you the following, at very competitive prices:-

Finest quality grafted vines for sale

    also viticultural accessories and vineyard equipment

    and all types of equipment for winemaking, apple processing and brewing

                                             + equipment for juicing, preserving and food processing.

Also, the most complete and accurate information on vine varieties and clones, and on rootstocks.

Plus advice about planting a vineyard and training the vines, on diseases and spraying and on vinegrowing,

    also on wine making, on labelling and wine tasting, plus some second-hand books for sale,

    and information about brewing beer.

If you wish to place an order
or need further information please send me an e-mail
        giving your contact details, and I will be in touch.

                  e-mail: Derek@winegrowers.info

Derek Pritchard, Dunkery Vineyard, Wootton Courtenay, Minehead, TA24 8RD, UK

I have been trading since 1984 as a sole proprietor business, not a Limited Company, hence any deposit you pay is 100% secure.

I'm sometimes away working on the Continent, but if away I'll be working by e-mail (using mobile broadband) so you shouldn't notice much difference.

I do not export to USA or Canada, but have customers in Ireland, France, Spain, Gibraltar, Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Chile, Mauritius, Burundi, Kenya and Jordan.