Winegrowers Supplies  -  Grafted Vines, for delivery to you in April 2024

In the past 39 years I've sold more than 1,430,000 of the finest quality grafted vines from the best nurseries in Germany, France, Spain etc.
Clones and rootstocks (all resistant to Phylloxera) appropriate to the vine variety, your training system and soil structure / alkalinity.
Vines have double-waxed tops and roots pruned ready for planting.
Comprehensive advice is given free of charge.

You may be able to find vines a little cheaper from another supplier, but quality is much more important than saving a few pence. I've always purchased from the most reputable nurseries.

I supply vines in bundles of 25 of a variety, with an EC Plant Passport. Regulations say the EC Plant Passports must be kept for at least 12 months.


Prices (for the total of all varieties ordered):-

     25 - 50      £3.25 per vine
    75 - 150      £2.85
   175 - 375       £2.55
   400 - 775       £2.35
   800 - 1200       £2.15
  1225 - 1775      £2.05
  1800 - 2975      £1.95
  3000 or more - please e-mail for a quote.

Piwi varieties are an additional 10p per vine.

  for 3000+ vines I can arrange planting by a GPS-guided planting machine @ 60p + Vat per vine.

Vines are 'food plants' so VAT zero rated, but standard rate VAT is chargeable on the price of planting.

All sales to EU countries will be invoiced in Euros for payment in Euros by Bank transfer. There is a minimum order of 200 vines for delivery to EU countries.

Packing and Delivery: to your address, within UK:  25 - 400 vines £19.50, 400 - 1775 vines £35.00, 1800+ vines £65.00
     for other countries there is a small additional charge.

Payment: I invoice from November onwards.
     Please confirm your order as early as possible, since demand for some varieties often exceeds the supply.
     Late orders are possible, maybe up to the end of March because of the complexity of importing into UK after Brexit.

To place an order:  please send an e-mail to listing the vines you wish to buy, with your address for delivery. I will then e-mail you a confirmation.
Please note that I import only to fulfil orders, I don't buy extra for stock.

Varieties available:  are shown on the list below, please click on the name for detailed information about the variety.

High-graft vines: (High-stem, Hochstamm, Haute Tigues, the main stock is around 80 cms, with the graft near the top) sometimes I can supply these (in cartons of 100 vines)
but the price is between £1.25 and £1.75 extra per vine.
The only real advantage is when in-filling in an established vineyard. These vines need to be clipped to a trellis wire immediately after planting.

Organic vine-growing: I have never found a nursery who supplies vines certified as 'organic'; however, since it takes more than 2 years to produce a crop the Soil Association's 'conversion period' is complete before there is a crop. You should ask the Soil Association about this, they will give you full information on their requirements and what chemicals you can use. I've supplied vines to many customers who've registered with the Soil Association.

For 'organic' vine-growing I recommend Piwi varieties. Piwi (Pilzwiderstandsfähige) is a German term to define vine varieties that have been described previously as hybrids, direct producers, interspecific, disease-resistant or disease-tolerant.
Piwi implies a certain resistance or tolerance towards the fungal diseases that are present locally or worldwide. Such diseases infect all pure Vitis vinifera cultivars (e.g. Pinot Noir, Chardonnay etc.) where an out-of-control infestation can lead to total crop loss. These vinifera varieties need to be sprayed with approved fungicides 6 to 10 times during the growing season; the fungicides inevitably enter our environment.

  'Red grape' Varieties (clones) / rootstocks:-

 Pinot Noir (Spatburgunder) (777, 115, 943, also German clones, M2 etc) / SO4, 420A, 125AA, 3309C, Gravesac, Fercal
 Regent (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Gf 1) / SO4, 125AA
 Rondo (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Gm 1) / SO4

 Cabernet Cantor (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4, 125AA
 Cabernet Cortis (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Fr 680) / SO4, 125AA, 5BB, 3309C, 101-14
 Divico (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4 or Fercal - Due to the high Breeders Licence fee these cost 26p per vine extra - none available this year, sorry
 Dornfelder / 5BB
 Frühburgunder (known in UK as Pinot Noir Precoce) (Gm 6) / SO4, 125AA
 Monarch (Piwi/disease-resistant)
 Muskat Bleu / SO4
 Pinot Meunier (Schwarzriesling) (977) / SO4
 Prior (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4
 Zweigeltrebe (E11) / S04

    and, later ripening:-
 Artaban (new French Piwi/disease-resistant) / R110 - none available, sorry
 Cabernet Dorsa (We 750) / 5BB - none available, sorry
 Cabernet Franc (327, 214) / SO4
 Cabernet Jura (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4 - none available, sorry
 Cabernet Noir (Piwi/disease-resistant) / - none available, sorry
 Cabernet Sauvignon (15) / SO4, 5BB, R110
 Merlot (181, Kt-9) / SO4
 Petit Verdot (400) / SO4 High-graft
 Syrah (470, 747) / S04, R110, 5BB
 Tempranillo (770 / S04

  'White grape' Varieties / Rootstocks:-

 Auxerrois (D 64) / SO4, 125AA
 Bacchus (Gf 1) / SO4, 125AA
 Calardis Blanc (Piwi/disease-resistant) / 5BB
 Calardis Musqué (Piwi/disease-resistant) /
 Chardonnay (76, 95, 96, 121) / SO4
 Kerner (We1) / 125AA
 Muscaris (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Fr 400) / SO4, 125AA, 3309C, 5BB
 Orion (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4 - none available, sorry
 Phoenix (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4, 5BB, R110, 3309C
 Pinot Gris (Rulander, Sivi Pinot) (457, Gm 1-30, Gm 27, SMA514, Kt-1) / SO4, 3309, 125AA
 Saphira (Piwi/disease-resistant) /
 Sauvitage (Piwi/disease-resistant) (We R 10)/ 125AA - Due to the high Breeders Licence fee these cost 18p per vine extra
 Seyval blanc (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4, 5BB - all dold for this year, sorry
 Solaris (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Fr 360)/ SO4, 125AA, 3309C
 Souvignier Gris (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Fr 420) / SO4, 125AA, 3309C, Fercal
 Villaris (Piwi/disease-resistant) / - none available, sorry

 Bronner (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Fr 320) / SO4
 Johanniter (Fr 340) (Piwi/disease-resistant) / SO4, 125AA, 3309C
 Madeleine Angevine / - no longer available, sorry
 Müller-Thurgau (Fr 3) / SO4, 125AA
 Ortega /
 Pinot Blanc (Weisburgunder, Beli Pinot) (Si-20, N81, Gm4) / SO4, 125AA, 5BB
 Reichensteiner / - none available, sorry
 Sauvignon Blanc (242) / SO4, 125AA, R110 (or SO4 High graft)
 Schönburger (Gm 1) / SO4 - none available, sorry
 Siegerrebe (48) / - none available, sorry

    and, later ripening:
 Cabernet Blanc (Piwi/disease-resistant) / - none available, sorry
 Chasselas Blanc (Gutedel) / 5BB
 Divona (Piwi/disease-resistant) / - a new variety bred in Switzerland, still in the trials stage so none available commercially yet.
 Gewürztraminer (Fr 46-106) / SO4, 125AA
 Hibernal (Piwi/disease-resistant) (Gm 4) / SO4
 Riesling (Gm 198-44, DN 500) / SO4, 125AA
 Scheurebe (JF55) / 125AA
 Sylvaner / 5BB - note: Sylvaner is inherently weak growing so is grafted on 5BB
 Ugni Blanc (Trebbiano) (TEA31) / 5BB
 Viognier (1057) /

  'Eating grape' Varieties (for greenhouses/polytunnels):-

 Lakemont (white seedless) / 5BB
 Sulima (white seedless) / SO4
 Suffolk Red (red seedless) / SO4
 Black Hamburg (Trollinger) /