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Note: Piwi (Pilzwiderstandsfähige) is a German term to define vine varieties that have been described previously as hybrids, direct producers, interspecific, disease-resistant, disease-tolerant.
Piwi cultivars have originated from cross-breeding (without the aid of gene implants) between European cultivars (Vitis vinifera) and disease resistant American Vitis species; although some newer crossings are more complex and a few contain Vitis amurensis genes from Russia / Asia.
The cultivars that are still known as hybrids or direct producers were bred between 1880 and 1935 in France.

Piwi implies a certain resistance or tolerance towards the fungal diseases that are present locally or world-wide. Such diseases infect all pure Vitis vinifera cultivars (e.g. Pinot noir, Chardonnay, Riesling etc.) where an out-of-control infestation can lead to total crop loss. These vinifera varieties need to be sprayed with approved fungicides 6 to 10 times during the growing season; the fungicides inevitably enter our environment.

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