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  White Wine

  Rosť Wine, or White wine - with grape skin contact

  Red Wine

  Sparkling Wine

  'Made Wine' from concentrated grape juice: red and white

  Temperatures for fermentation and storage

  Pectolytic enzymes

  Acidity and De-acidification


  Enrichment (Chaptalisation) and grape sugar

  Alcohol measurement (%vol)

  Alcohol and temperature

  Yeast re-hydration and yeast types also Yeast nutrients/vitamins

  Bentonite and protein stability test

  Cold stabilisation

  Gelatine/Kieselsol fining

  Sheet filtration and Kieselguhr filtration

  Sulphur dioxide, free SO2 and total SO2

  Sterilising bottles and equipment (SO2 and peracetic acid)

  Cleaning stainless steel tanks

  Sweet reserve

  Bottle filling

  Labelling regulations

  Faults in wine (TCA etc)