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Vineyard posts:-

Most larger vineyards now use galvanised steel posts. The Hot-dipped 'fire' galvanised (HDG) posts have a long service lifespan; 30+ years without rusting away.
Another advantage in that 'hooks or eyelets' are built-in to the sides for wires to run through, so you do not need to hammer in hook-nails, as you do into wood posts; this saves a lot of man-hours.

To insert them into the ground they have to be pushed down (with a tracked-excavator or JCB) rather than banged down with a post bumper.

There are several different manufacturers, using different qualities and thicknesses of steel (from 1.2 mm upwards) and different thicknesses of zinc-coating.
Intermediate posts are made from 1.5 (to 2.0 mm) thick steel. End posts are made from 1.8 to 2.5 mm thick steel:-

Strip-galvanised:  These posts are cut and pressed from sheets of pre-galvanised steel, coated with an average zinc layer of 20 microns (Z-275 spec, 275 gr/m2)
or sometimes 42 microns (Z-600 spec, 600 gr/m2). The thicker the zinc coating, the longer the post life will be.

The zinc layer thickness should be chosen according to environmental conditions and soil acidity.
The erosion of the galvanising layer is affected by emissions such as sulphur dioxide; however, it also depends on location, wind direction, temperature, humidity and other parameters.
The part of the post embedded in the earth is subject to an average zinc erosion of 1 micron per year.
The gaps in the zinc galvanisation on the cut edges are protected against corrosion by an electro-chemical method known as cathodic edge protection, and in with prior weathering (outdoor storage of posts), the entire post will form additional tightly bonding surface layers, a process which also counteracts erosion of the zinc coating.

I don't sell Strip-galvanised posts, only:-

Hot-dipped 'fire' galvanised (HDG).
These are galvanised after the post has been made. They are dipped in a bath of zinc which is at around 450 °C. The thickness of the zinc coating is typically 55 microns.


Hot-dipped galvanised steel Intermediate posts: (maximum 6.0 metres between posts; 700 mm recommended below ground):-


60x36 mm: 2.5 metres tall, with internal built-in hooks for the wires, 9.85 Euros each + cost of delivery from Italy to you.

Weight is 3.875 kilos each; 1.55 mm thick steel. Other lengths and steel thicknesses are available to order.

Hot-dipped galvanised steel End posts:-


58x48 mm: 2.7 metres tall, 19.50 Euros each + cost of delivery from Italy to you.

Weight is about 9 kilos each; 2.0 mm thick steel. Other lengths and steel thicknesses are available to order.

There is a hole near the top of the end post for attaching a diagonal straining wire (three plaited wires is best) going to the end-post anchor.

A special very hard 'fitment' is placed in the top of the post just while it is being pushed down, it's then transferred to the next post etc etc, 79 Euros.

The end-posts are strong enough that they can be pushed down into the ground without the need for the special very hard 'fitment',
A thick cloth can be used to protect the top edge of the post from damage.

Vine support poles:-

These last indefinitely, whereas bamboo canes break off at soil level after a couple of years. It's well worthwhile supporting the vine stocks even when they are very thick.


Galvanised steel tutors: 10 mm diameter, steel tubes made from 0.5 mm thick pre-galvanised steel, in bundles of 50:-

     1.2 metres tall @ 49.00 Euros per 100 - 100 weigh 22.5 kilos

      + cost of delivery from the EU to you.

The patented slot enables a trellis wire to pass through without requiring an additional clip, allowing the wire to slide as the trellis moves.

Galvanised steel clips for securing a vine support pole to a trellis wire:-


    Stabfix-VE, 80 mm long, for 5 to 10 mm diameter poles, a bag of 500 for 22.00 Euros    youtube video

    Stabfix-0, 105 mm long, for 8 to 20 mm, at the same price.

Nets for protecting vines against rabbits.

Vineyard trellis wire - hot-dipped galvanised with an alloy of zinc + aluminium:-

Bekaert Bezinal® coated wires resist corrosion 2 to 6 times longer than hot-dip zinc galvanized wires, in heavily polluting corrosion tests carried out,
the wire lasts longer due to the formation of a dense and high quality passivation layer that is formed mainly by aluminum oxides.

Bezinal® Plus (95% Zinc + 5% Al) lasts 2 to 4 times longer than traditional heavy-galvanized wire.

Bezinal® Pro has superior corrosion resistance, it lasts 4 to 8 times longer than traditional heavy-galvanized wire.
It requires the least amount of maintenance work over the lifetime of the trellis. Strength is 700/900 N/m2, elongation is 5%.


Bezinal® Plus:-

  2.0 mm diameter: 62.00 Euros per 1000 metre / 25 kilo roll + cost of delivery from the EU to you.
         2.0 mm can be used for all wires of a Guyot trellis.

  2.2 mm diameter (825 metres / 25 kilo roll) and 2.5 mm diameter (650 metres / 25 kilo roll) are available at the same price.


A wire-spinner @ 155 Euros is invaluable for reeling out the wire easily. Red oxide coated steel.
You should put up at least the main training wire during the first growing season, to clip the vine support poles to, so they don't blow around in winds.

A fitting to hold an additional roll above, so two wires can be pulled out together, 85 Euros.


         Hot-dipped galvanised steel,

  1000 mm long (12 mm diameter), 140 mm diameter plate (3 mm thick), weighing 1.5 kilos, 5.40 Euros each.

  other lengths/sizes available.

  Chains: for moveable (double) wires, 7-links, now aluminium-zinc galvanised steel, 38 Euros per 100

Galvanised coach bolts and nuts, M8 x 80 mm, that fit through the holes in the end-post, for hooking the chains on to, I suggest 3 per post, £32 per 100

After sliding the bolt through the 8.1mm holes in the end post, use a spot of 'thread sealant' when the nut is put on; the nut should be just on the end of the bolt-thread, so the chain can hook over it.

Wire straining devices:-

  Spannfix: 32.00 Euros per 100   Key for turning Spannfix, now zinc coated, 13 Euros

Gripples: Medium Plus, for 2.0 to 3.2 mm wire diameter, 209 Euros for a bag of 200.

For wood posts:-

Chain nails: large square nails, for wood end posts with moveable (double) wires,
          aluminium-zinc galvanised, 55 mm long x 4.2 mm square, approx 130 per kilo, 5 kilo bucket @ 30 Euros

Hook-nails: for intermediate wood posts with moveable (double) wires,
          aluminium-zinc galvanised, 55 mm long x 3.4 mm square, approx 160 per kilo, 5 kilo bucket @ 30 Euros

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will need to be charged at cost.