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Sulima - Seedless

Mother: Verdelet (9110 Seibel)
Father: Sultanine

A white table/eating grape.

A PIWI interspecific variety.

Year of breeding: 1966
Country of origin: France, INRA
The only certified Sulima clone has the number 971.


Identification is based on:
- the tip of the young shoot with a medium density of prostate hairs,
- the green young leaves,
- the circular or wedge-shaped adult leaves, entire or with three or five lobes, with an open U-shaped petiole sinus,
   medium to long teeth compared to their width at the base with convex sides, a moderate to strong anthocyanin coloration of veins,
   an involute, moderately blistered leaf blade, and on the lower side of the leaves, no or a very low density of erect and prostate hairs,
- the ellipsoid or cylindric berries.

Bud burst: 6 days after Chasselas.
Grape maturity: early-season, 1 week after Chasselas.

Growth is vigorous, fairly fertile with horizontal bearing. It can be pruned moderately long and must be trained.

Sensitivity to diseases and pests: not very susceptible to grey rot.

Bunches are large to very large, not very compact.

The berries are small to medium in size, firm with a simple flavor and normal or not very lignified seeds. The skin is thin.

Pinching off the grape clusters can improve the presentation.