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Lakemont - Seedless

Mother: Ontario
Father: Thompson Seedless (Sultanina)

Year of breeding: released in 1972 (previously known as NY 15305)
Country of origin: USA: New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Cornell University, Geneva, NY 14456.

Lakemont is a sister seedling to both Himrod and Interlaken. This white seedless variety is the best producer of the group, with a yield of as much as 15 kilos per vine in USA.

Easy to grow and highly disease resistant. It ripens about two weeks after Himrod. Produces best with long-cane pruning, but will give a decent crop when trained to cordons with short spurs.

In USA it ripens in the first 10 days of September, is hardier than Interlaken, vigorous, and high yielding; it has the largest and tightest bunches of all the seedless.
Berries are yellowish-green in colour, crisp, juicy, and sweet as honey. Its excellent flavour make it a great grape for eating fresh. In the West of USA it is neutral in flavour, but in the East it has a mild labrusca flavour.

Keeps in cold storage the best of all the seedless varieties. Lakemont actually gets better in storage. The flesh tends to stick to the skin.

It is now gaining momentum as the best 'outdoor' seedless variety for the northern European climate, although growing it in a polytunnel or cold greenhouse is advisable in UK. In cooler locations the berries/bunches are smaller.