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The name remembers the legendary leader of the Helvetii.

Mother: Gamaret
Father: Bronner, which carries the genes that are responsible for resistance to powdery mildew and downy mildew.

A red Piwi/disease-resistant variety.

Year of breeding: 1997 - IRAC 2091
Country of origin: Switzerland
Breeder/License holder: Station Fédérale de Recherches en Production Végétale de Changins AGROSCOPE-RAC
Number of clones: 0, certified vines were available from 2017-2018.

Year of entry into the German Federal Office's Varieties Register:
Area planted in Germany: hectares
Area planted in England: small, increasing rapidly

Wine Character - colour: intese dark red
     - bouquet: slightly spicy and berry fruit aroma.
     - palate: when the grapes are well ripened, the wines have a strong structure with well integrated tannins. Well suited for barrique maturation.
In the opinion of the breeder, Divico shows a certain similarity to Gamaret and Garanoir wines.

     an interesting National Geographic article.

        Divico Juni 2013 (C) Agroscope    Divico ANT 9357  

Time of bud-burst: slightly early, like Pinot Noir

Strength of growth: medium-strong and quite upright
Growth of side-shoots:

Flowering time: slightly early
Flowering strength: medium to strong

Leaf: - size:
     - shape:
     - colour:
     - surface undulation:
     - petiolar sinus:

Grape bunch: - size:
    - density: very loose

Berries: - size:
     - shape:
     - skin colour:

Time of veraison: quite early
Time of harvest: with Pinot Noir, protection against birds may be necessary in risky situations.
The strong stalks enable the buches to be left for a long time on the vines before harvesting.

Grape yield: medium
Must-weight: 85 to 90 °Oe when fully ripe
Must-acidity: medium
With a high degree of ripeness, Divico has the necessary characteristics to produce extraordinarily colorful wines with high-quality tannins.

Resistance against:
     - Oidium: very high
     - Peronospora: very high
     - Botrytis: very high
     - Roter Brenner:
     - Phomopsis
     - Stem-atrophy:
     - Chlorosis:

Depending on the disease pressure and climatic conditions, one to three pesticide sprays around the flowering period are sufficient.

Preferred soil:
Suitable rootstocks:

Normal stem height:
Normal row spacing:
Vine spacing in the row:

Wood ripening:
Winter hardiness:
Wood colour:

Winter Pruning: eyes/buds per sq. metre of land occupied by the plant.