Winegrowers Supplies  -  Rubber-impeller pumps

Notes: the internal diameter of your hose must be large enough that excessive turbulence does not occur in the flow:-
         19 mm internal diameter, up to 3500 litres/hour,
         25 mm internal diameter, up to 5700 litres/hour,
         32 mm internal diameter, up to 8600 litres/hour.
Where pump speeds are stated (litres/hour), this is the maximum, at zero pressure. The speed reduces as pump-head-height increases, typically 5000 litres/hour would reduce to 3000 litres/hour at 2.0 bar pressure.
A bypass, where specified, will allow speed to be reduced and provide pressure control.

Although mohno-pumps are far superior, rubber-impeller pumps are much cheaper and also will pump liquids with suspended solids, so they are useful for: pumping press juice, racking from one tank to another etc. They are particularly useful for pumping very thick liquids (tomato juice, condensed milk etc).

In my opinion they are not suitable for sterile filtration with sheet filters, because the slight pressure fluctuation could push yeasts through the very smallest holes in the filter sheet. They can be used for coarse filtration.

As the impeller revolves in the pump casing, a partial vacuum is created at the suction side of the pump by an increase volume, drawing in fluid. This fluid is then transported to the other side of the pump in the spaces between the vanes and the fixed casing. At the discharge side, the available volume is decreased and the resultant increase in pressure forces the fluid into the outlet line. The change in volume is the result of a curvature of the vanes in the pump body.
The impeller is made of an extremely elastic rubber which is lubricated and cooled while being in contact with the pumping medium. There are different rubber materials available: NBR (Perbunan), EPDM and others.

Spiral reinforced wine-quality hard-PVC tubing is sometimes used on the inlet side to prevent the tubing collapsing under suction.

I can supply the following makes, the factors to consider are: voltage, speed, with or without bypass, thread connections, one-direction or reversible motor, stainless steel or nylon body, motor rotation speed (low is better), mounting on wheeled trolley or with a carrying handle:-

SEF MAG: Italian,

      a range of models with variations, stainless steel housing and impeller shaft:-


MAG 22 M6: 1800 litres/hour, 230 Volt, 0.25 kWatt, low rotation speed 920 rpm, ¾" bsp male threads, £380

MAG 33 M6: 3420 litres/hour, 230 Volt, 0.55 KWatt, 920 rpm, 1" bsp male, £445
                 5040 litres/hour, 230 Volt, 0.55 KWatt, 920 rpm, 1" bsp male threads, £545

optional extras: wheeled trolley: painted steel £26 or stainless steel £99,
                       simple electrical Float kit, £66
    The float 'swims' in the liquid, when it hangs down the pump is switched off and when the float lifts up it switches on.
    A weight is included in the kit, to overcome the problem of apple juice foam lifting the float.

Liverani: Italian, stainless steel housing and impeller shaft, low rotation speed 920 rpm:-


Mini: 1020 litres/hour, 380 Volt, ¾" bsp male thread connections, £345

Midex: 3000 litres/hour, 230 Volt, 920 rpm, DN40 threads, £495   or with bypass, £745

optional extras: handle for lifting £5, wheeled trolley: painted steel £26 or stainless steel £99.

Internal bypasses on MAG and Liverani pumps are expensive, but a bypass can be made by fitting T-pieces directly on the inlet and outlet threads, with a connecting hose between them. A stainless steel ball-valve is then fitted in the bypass loop (directly on the T-piece outlet from the pump). With this valve open the liquid being pumped will take the path of least resistance which is back around the bypass loop, especially as there may also be a suction effect on the bypass hose at the inlet side of the pump. Closing the valve restricts the flow around the bypass, thus increasing the flow through the outlet hose.
Parts needed can be found in valves and connectors.

EP-Midex: 3840 litres/hour, 380 Volt, DN40 threads, 900 rpm, with bypass, £965

EP-Minor:  6900 litres/hour, 380 Volt, DN50 threads, 900 rpm, with bypass, £1075

EP-Major: 18000 litres/hour, 380 Volt, DN65 threads, 700 rpm, with bypass, £1550

Kiesel: German, stainless steel housing (AISI 304), rotation speed of 1400 rpm:-



  230 Volt or 380 volt, 0.55 kWatt, up to 2500 litres/hour,
  without bypass, £512



  230 Volt or 380 volt, 0.75 kWatt, up to 5000 litres/hour,
  without bypass, £545

Schneider Maschinen (green): German:-

  Reform B: 230 or 380 volt, 0.75 kWatt, 5000 litres/hour,
                  max 3.5 bar, 18 kilos, various threads available,
                  with bypass, £632

  or 10,000 litres/hour, max 4.0 bar, 1.5 kWatt, 27 kilos, £

      also 2-speed and variable speed models.

Theo Schneider (orange): German:-

    Hard nylon pump body, stainless steel impeller shaft, with carrying handle.
                             1" bsp male stainless steel thread connections.
  Ökoflow 3000, up to 3000 litres/hour, 230 volt (0.37 kWatt) or 380 volt, 12 kilos, £420

Theo Schneider - TSB:
  Stainless steel body and impeller shaft, pumps in one direction only,
                               1" bsp male stainless steel threads, 230 or 380 volts.
  TSB 4800, up to 4800 litres/hour, 2000 litres/hour at 3 bar, £555

Theo Schneider - Phoenix:

Models from 3000 to 48,000 litres/hour, 1 or 2 speed and variable speed options.
Stainless steel body with polished internal surfaces, option of built-in bypass to adjust flow rate, choice of thread connections, reversible motor for pumping in either direction, mounted on a trolley.

Phoenix 3000: up to 3000 litres/hour, maximum 3.5 bar, 1400 rpm, 0.37 kWatt, 15 kilos:-

single speed, 230 or 380 volt, without or with bypass flow regulation:-
    380 volt, £
    230 volt, £
    380 volt with bypass, £725
    230 volt with bypass, £
    or can be used with a separate Variable Speed Drive for electronic speed regulation,
    the drive can be used for other machines not only for the pump – maximum 1.1kW.

Phoenix 6000: 6000 litres/hour, maximum 5 bar, 1400 rpm, 0.75 kWatt, 18 kilos:-
   380 volt, £
   230 volt, £
   380 volt with bypass, £
   230 volt with bypass, £

Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
Delivery will usually need to be charged at cost.