Winegrowers Supplies  -  Manual bottle filling equipment

Professional gravity fillers, consistent accurate filling.

Italian models:-

   with 2 nozzles (up to 240 litres/hr), 799 Euros
   with 4 nozzles (up to 480 litres/hr), 1199 Euros
   with 6 nozzles (up to 720 litres/hr), 1699 Euros
   with 8 nozzles (up to 960 litres/hr), 1990 Euros

  • optional internal ball-float-valve to cut flow when the header tank is full, 150 Euros extra. I don't find any advantage in this.
  • alternatively an electronic float-valve with control cable to switch a pump off/on automatically, 400 Euros extra.
  • the inlet has a stainless steel hose-tail for 20 mm id hose.
  • new type of filling nozzle with s/s clamp for accurate and fast adjustment of the fill level.
  • Viton seals, suitable for hot filling.
  • steamable pvc tubes on all filling heads.
  • easy adjustment of bottle height: 200 to 500 mm.
  • optional - wide rubber nozzles for bottle neck internal
         diameter 15 to 45 mm, or 16 to 60 mm, 17 Euros each.

Note: The fill level is embossed in the glass on the bottom of the bottle (e.g. 75 cle @ 63 mm). This is adjusted by the depth that the filling valve goes inside the bottle; if the filling valve is deeper then the fill level is lower.
To adjust how far the filling nozzle goes into the bottle: slide the black rubber konus (tapered nozzle) down. Undo the small stainless steel screw-bolt on the black 'collar' that's just above the konus. Slide the collar upwards or downwards and lock it's position with the small screw-bolt. Repeat this until you have the correct fill level.

optional Bag-in-box filling outlet on the right side, with a valve to start/stop the flow, 165 Euros extra.


optional floor stand:-

  • 4 nozzles, 340 Euros
  • 6 nozzles, 360 Euros
  • Or:-


    SSP models:-

    MP4N - 4 nozzles (up to 480 litres/hr), 50 litre tank, 20 kilos,
          615 mm long x 430 mm wide x 1100 mm high, 1199 Euros
    MP6N - 6 nozzles (up to 720 litres/hr), 80 litre tank, 25 kilos,
          900 mm long x 430 mm wide x 1100 mm high, 1699 Euros

    • optional internal mechanical float-valve to cut flow when the header tank is full, 150 Euros extra.
    • view of the level in the header tank, through a central silicone-rubber tube (not shown in the photo).
    • steamable silicone-rubber tubes on all filling heads.
    • easy adjustment for bottle height: 120 to 540 mm.
    • bottle diameters 40 mm to 140 mm.
    • bottle neck internal diameter from 17 to 26 mm.
    • bench standing with four adjustable feet.

    Special nozzles can be fitted, for filling oils or viscous liquids.

              SX Super: single nozzle bottle filler with automatic stop, 27.00

    including about 2 metres of tube (12 mm id, 17 mm od).

    Stainless steel internally, adjustable fill level.

    Up to about 180 bottles per hour.

    Hold down on the bottle while filling.

    Prices shown are exclusive of Vat.
    Delivery usually will need to be charged at cost.